Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) Cockpit Platform by LG and Cybellum

LG dengan rakan usahasamanya, Cybellum akan memperkenalkan satu platform keselamatan untuk kenderaan iaitu Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) Cockpit di CES 2024. Platform CSMS Cockpit dikatakan dapat mengenal pasti kelemahan keselamatan dengan pantas, memantau secara proaktif dan mengambil langkah pencegahan untuk menafikan potensi ancaman. Menarik kan?

Untuk info yang lebih terperinci, korang boleh baca press release di bawah.


Leveraging Cybellum’s Expertise in Digital Security, the New Platform 
Automatically Monitors and Protects Vehicles from Cybersecurity Threats

SEOUL, 20 Dec 2023 — LG Electronics (LG) and Cybellum will be introducing its Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) Cockpit platform to automotive OEMs at CES 2024. Designed in a collaborative effort between LG and Cybellum, the automotive cybersecurity company acquired by LG in 2021, the CSMS Cockpit platform monitors and maintains vehicle cybersecurity. The sophisticated solution streamlines cyber-assurance and incident response tasks for OEMs, ensuring vehicles remain digitally secure and fully compliant with evolving cybersecurity regulations. 

An area of growing importance, automotive cybersecurity is set to take center stage in the mobility sector as WP.29 UNECE R155 cybersecurity regulations continue to come into effect. From July 2024, all vehicles produced by OEMs must meet the newly established suite of cybersecurity standards to obtain type approval, which is a prerequisite for selling vehicles in 54 countries, including EU member states, the UK, Japan, and South Korea. Supporting OEMs to comply with the coming changes, LG and Cybellum’s CSMS Cockpit is a complete platform that addresses the many challenges of automotive cybersecurity management.

The CSMS Cockpit platform swiftly identifies security vulnerabilities, proactively monitoring and taking preventive measures to negate potential threats. LG and Cybellum’s solution can thoroughly analyse vehicle components over the course of its lifespan (approximately 20 years), generating and managing a comprehensive database spanning development and real-world usage.

Automatically addressing security concerns and tracking response efficacy, the platform enables real-time risk detection and inspection protocols for individual components. The CSMS Cockpit serves as a control center for product security – from monitoring to management – allowing automakers to promptly assess and address any component-related security threats. In addition, it actively evaluates newly-identified threats and their possible impact on manufacturers’ parts, enhancing overall security reliability.

“The CSMS Cockpit, a product of our collective expertise, will empower automotive OEMs to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity management with unprecedented efficiency and effectiveness.

We are confident that this groundbreaking platform will set a new benchmark for cybersecurity excellence, shaping the future of secure connected vehicles.”

- Slava Bronfman, CEO of Cybellum. 

“LG’s automotive component development experience and Cybellum’s automotive security expertise come together in the CSMS Cockpit, a solution that will help automakers deliver the standard of cybersecurity required both now and in the future.  

We recognise the growing importance of auto cybersecurity, and are committed to providing platforms and technologies that support data integrity and vehicle safety in an increasingly digital environment.”

- Eun Seok-hyun, president of LG Vehicle component Solutions Company. 

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  1. Bolehla approach Bauto sebab depa sekarang target buat electric car..mesti banyak threat. Ada OEM cybersecurity camni boleh terus deal dalam negara tak payah bergantung kat company luar dah kan

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