How to use shapewear to stay warm and stylish during the cold season

As the days are getting shorter, it is time to bring out the cozy knits, thick coats and statement boots and get ready for the cold weather looks. There is nothing more relaxing than wearing those cozy jogger pants and snugly sweater to wind down on a cold winter day.

As it is the season of layering, should you be concern with wearing shapewear during the winter months? Of course the answer is Yes! The key to a great outfit is creating a smooth foundation and curvy silhouette, no matter what season it is. Thereare so many ways we can wear wholesale shapewear to enhance our style in the winter months.

If you are looking for shapewear for winter, here are some top suggestions.


Perfect Shaping Panties 

One closet staple that you should have all year round is a collection of shaping panties. Since you are going to be wearing panties anyway, so why not wear shaping panties that can slim and enhance figures? 

Shaping panties are highly versatile and can be worn under almost any outfit. The high waisted shaping panties are designed with a high waistband that keeps the flabby tummy tucked in and hide love handles. This thong shaper with 4 steel bones features powerful tummy control and is the perfect shapewear to wear underneath winter clothes to help make the derriere look rounder underneath thicker fabrics.

Comfortable Mid Thigh Shorts 

Just because you will be wearing layers, it does not mean that you should hide the shape of your legs throughout winter. As a matter of fact, you should take advantage of the season to wear tighter pants and shirts that can show off your beautiful curves when you are wearing bulky sweaters and tops. The mid-thigh shaping shorts will keep your thighs and hips firm and under control so that you can wear your dresses and skirts without worrying about any lumps showing through.


Waist Trainers

Almost every body type can benefit from a cinched waistline no matter what time of year it is. Wearing wholesale waist trainers with logo can instantly make you waist smaller by several inches and offer a smooth foundation for anything you are wearing. A cinched waist will help create curves and draw attention to the waist when you have to dress with more layers.

Waist Trainers

Shaping Camisole or Tank Tops

Smart layering is the key to staying warm and looking stylish in winter. A shaping camisole is an essential piece to have in the wardrobe as a foundation layer under sweaters, tops and any other pieces that you will be layering during the cold season. 

A camisole like this tummy control tank is easy to slip into for wearing underneath a sweater, sweatshirt or t-shirt. It has comfortable hold that will slim the midsection and flatten the tummy. Besides slimming, this shapewear can create a curve-creating fit that looks flattering under your sweaters and winter tops.

Shaping Camisole or Tank Tops

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  1. I choose to use blanket when the cold season is coming, but to stay curved, i use shapewear. It's really helpful to make my body stays in shape

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