Exploring Singapore. It's my dream!

Assalamualaikum. Hi! 

I bet as travel lovers, most of us are missing to travel somewhere, right? Mainly to other countries that we have never explored before. Longing to explore new places of interest, enjoying delicious foods, taking some pictures of beautiful scenery and doing more activities to be kept as lovely memories.  

But due to the covid19 pandemic and borders are still closed, it just can be a dream. We are not allowed to travel overseas yet. How disappointed, is it? But it’s okay. For now, we can make a proper plan such as earn more money and list the places that we want to explore. So, which country do you plan to go to when the border opens? 

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As for me, it sounds interesting if I can travel to Singapore. It has always been my dream a long time ago since I am still single. But I have never got a chance to visit Singapore till now. What a busy person I am. Hihi. Why Singapore? It is because my foster grandma (my best friend's grandma actually), lives in Singapore. It has been 8 years since the last time I saw her. I am missing her so much! 

It is my wish to travel to Singapore with my lovely family. So that I can introduce my husband and children to my foster grandma. I am sure it will be one of our memorable life events. So let us plan our trip.

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Tips to booking hotel rooms

First of all, I have to do research about accommodations. It must be my priority concern for my family comfort especially the kiddos. Staying at a nice hotel could give us the best memories and exciting experiences for us. Besides, we can share the experience with others or maybe I can write on the blogs as a reference for my readers. Cool right?

The best tips that I always practice when doing some research for accommodations is to read reviews. So that I can make a comparison and the right choice before taking a decision to choose the suitable hotel room for our stay. The most important thing is it matches our budget.

Other tips that we can also do is seeking a hotel promotion. This is for us to get reasonable and best hotel rates. Besides, we can save our money and spend it to explore more interesting places or try delicious foods. A good plan isn’t it?

As a result of my research, I found 2 hotels that suit my budget and look so nice to stay. When choosing a hotel, I prefer the one with the swimming pool and the most important thing is having a completed facility. 

It should be nearby interesting places to visit too. Both are located at Orchard Road. At the centre of the country. For me, it is very strategic. 

So far, these 2 hotels completed my checklist. I’m sure my husband and the kiddos will love my choice. It could be the best and lovely memories for us when we get a chance to stay at the best hotel in Singapore at an affordable price.

Let’s check it out!

Mandarin Orchard

So elegant! I like it.

The first hotel that catches my eyes is Mandarin Orchard. Such a lovely place to rest after getting tired exploring Singapore. I found that this hotel is so cosy and beautiful. Love the decoration and interior design of the hotel. From the lobby, restaurant, room, until the bathroom. It’s so nice! 

The best thing is the room looks very comfortable and complete with a lot of amenities. Feel like heaven. Reading for some reviews from their existing customers, most of them give a wonderful experience and positive reviews. It’s a good sign!

I think this room are suitable for our family.

Hilton Singapore

The next hotel that could be our place to check-in was Hilton Singapore. Also in love with the decoration and interior design of the hotel. So nice and lovely. Look very exclusive yet comfortable. 

I'm pretty sure our family will never forget the experiences staying here. Same like other customers have felt before. Reading their nice reviews make me feel excited to bring my family to stay here and experience the excitement too. 
The kids will be excited to see this.

Love the decoration of this room. Simple yet look comfortable. 

Oh. By the way, the reason I choose these 2 hotels is because they have met the SG Clean programme requirements in good practices for hotels in Singapore. Besides it is very suitable for family vacation. 

I hope this covid19 pandemic will end soon. So that my planning to travel to Singapore with my lovely family became a reality. And I can meet my foster grandma that I miss a lot. Can't wait! 

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  1. One of my wishlist country to visit too. But since covid 19 hit us hard, i think Terengganu is the best place to go for this current moment..huhu

  2. Menarik Mandarin Orchard tu. Syoknya dapat travel ke Singapore :)

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